Planning to order an online store?

Planning to order an online store?

Or a site for a construction, industrial, or any other company? Perhaps you are thinking of ordering a landing page?

We got to the right address!

But there is a small preparatory stage

Start with a sheet of white paper and a pencil / pen, any mind mapping tool like Mindmeister, for example. And write / draw your expectations from the future store, site, portal, but why spend so much time if you can just fill in brief an to create an inexpensive landing page or internet turnkey store and I will immediately take it to work?

To determine the visual component of the online store, ‘play’ with the location of important blocks, decide what you want to get in the end. And to fix this in order to show it to a specialist later, attaching the document to the brief. Feel free to show sketches, sheets of paper, an approximate color scheme in the store you like. This cuts down on the time to invest in building a turnkey online store.