Planning to order an online store?

Planning to order an online store?

Or a site for a construction, industrial, or any other company? Perhaps you are thinking of ordering a landing page?

We got to the right address!

But there is a small preparatory stage

Start with a sheet of white paper and a pencil / pen, any mind mapping tool like Mindmeister, for example. And write / draw your expectations from the future store, site, portal, but why spend so much time if you can just fill in brief an to create an inexpensive landing page or internet turnkey store and I will immediately take it to work?

To determine the visual component of the online store, ‘play’ with the location of important blocks, decide what you want to get in the end. And to fix this in order to show it to a specialist later, attaching the document to the brief. Feel free to show sketches, sheets of paper, an approximate color scheme in the store you like. This cuts down on the time to invest in building a turnkey online store.

Decided to order a site?

Have you decided to order a website?

How do you know which specific product you need?

Decide on the goal for the implementation of which you have to create a website or your first online store.

  1. Sales, because the fame of the largest stores in the country haunts.
  2. Information portal of the city, district, region, so that readers can timely receive information relevant to their area not only from local groups in social networks.
  3. A business card of a lawyer or beautician to make the entry as simple as possible.

The cost of work, deadline, design, and a number of technical nuances depend on the goal.

We will tell you how the process goes from idea to getting a turnkey website.

It was decided to make your own website, but there is a minimum of information and you understand that time is limited, and understanding of the final result is minimal. In this case, the landing page is the best choice.

  1. Application. You fill out an application – just leave your contact number and write a name, a convenient time to call.

Implementation time is 5 minutes.

  1. Initial discussion of the problem. The specialist recruits you at a convenient period of time and you discuss the task – talk about yourself, if a business card site is created for a specific person or about a company, if we are talking about an organization, about the purpose for which a site is needed.

Time for implementation is 30-120 minutes.

  1. Filling out the brief. You fill out a google document sent to you, in which you indicate all the relevant details. Field of activity, corporate colors, font, style, features that you would like to draw attention to, having issued them in separate blocks. When deciding to create an online store, do not hesitate to collect links to competitors whose sites have inspired you.

The implementation time is 60-120 minutes.

  1. Signing a contract. The details of the parties, terms of implementation are indicated.

The implementation time is 60-120 minutes.

  1. The main process. The very magic in which the development of web sites leads to a tangible result – quite a bit and you can scroll, poke, fill out a feedback form and make sure that the white color is white enough, and the texts are written in the right font with The Most Serifs.

The time for implementation is from 1 to 14 working days.

  1. Signing of the certificate of completion.

Time for implementation is 1-2 business days.