From idea to arrived one step

    Web developer

    , my name is Evgeniy.
    I am a freelancer, I have to order a website inexpensively.
    It is I can help you create a site from scratch or correct adaptability problems on your site.
    I do not use template solutions in my work and I prefer to spell a site from scratch - from layout to full integration under CMS and adapting to your needs:
    whether it is a lunding or corporate site, creating an online store.

    To order a site Fill brief

    Planning Order Online store? Or site for construction, industrial, any other company? Perhaps you think Order Landing?

    They hit the desired address! But there is a small preparatory stage =)
    Start with a sheet of white paper and pencil / handles, any tool for creating mental cards, MindMeister, for example. And write / draw your expectations from the future store, site, portal, but why spend so much time, if you can simply fill in a brief on the creation of an inexpensive lending or online shopping key and I will immediately take it to work?
    To decide on the visual component of the online store, "play" with the location of important blocks, decide what you want to obtain ultimately. And fix it to subsequently show the specialist by attaching a document to Brifu. Feel free to show outline, paper sheets, approximate flower gamut in the store you like. This reduces the time to invest in creating a turnkey online store.

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